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Green House Organic Concept Restaurant Machu Picchu

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Organic Restaurant in Machu Picchu

Green House is a restaurant in Machu Picchu / Aguas Calientes that is characterized by using 100% organic ingredients in the preparation of its dishes, as well as offering variety, good service and exquisite flavor. Come and check our excellent service. Our staff understands that careful attention, good seasoning, kindness, effort and good service is the key to achieving excellence, that is why at Green House we offer you the best of us.

Organic, rich and tasty dishes make up the menu where you will find salads, hot soups. For vegetarians, for those who are not, for vegans, everyone will find a dish to suit them, since if something characterizes Green House it is its variety. If our dishes could talk, they would tell you that they are loaded with passion and hard work, which begins from the cultivation and harvest in our garden to the preparation. This is how you can enjoy 100% organic and totally healthy food.

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All our vegetables are cultivated in our own garden organic located in Urubamba, Sacred Valley